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About Us


Who We Are
We are a group of creative youngsters from City Beautiful, Chandigarh, who together constitute as an innovative company, Informagic. At Informagic we are always working on new means to use knowledge around us in a way that it actually becomes helpful to the community. We do this by magnetizing the Information around us with our smart logics and that’s what our tagline actually says ‘Where Information Meets Logic’!

The Website
We felt urgent need of an intelligent mechanism that would work both online as well offline to collect, arrange, display & broadcast information about Discounts, Offers & Schemes running around in the City on anything to everything that would be served hot to the people! Converting our idea into action, we created a new business entity that has its frontend as a website www.discountbuzzer.comand back end which works as a deal-collecting body that keeps on hunting the best deals for you running in the city or coming soon.

How it Moves
We collect all the fruitful deals from the city and display them on the website in a very special way to explain the product/service and the special offer or discount connected to it. We then broadcast it to people of the same interest, i.e. 1). Those people who have actually subscribed on the website to the respective category of product or service to get updates about upcoming offers. 2). People largely available on Internet who belong to the same City and also have interest in the respective product/service category. These two sections are always looking for good savings while they go shopping and we provide that saving!

The Outcome
This all helps you to get up-to-date & comprehensive information about the offers available on a product or service you planning to purchase. Our smart mechanism also lets you select product/service categories to subscribe for. Website sends you a ‘Buzz’ automatically, whenever a new offer has come up in any of those categories! This buzz reaches in form of email as well as SMS apart from social networking for the masses. And what’s the best part? It’s all free of cost and we are committed for the same, forever!

End Note
We are always committed to make the best efforts keeping your knowledge up to date about the best picks available while you go shopping, helping you gain a lot in terms of your hard earned money as well as time. We are always looking for your feedback, its precious for us, our mail id for you is

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